20th Annual Paws Walk to Benefit the New Hampshire SPCA


Meet Smee. 

Smee is a senior dog who, until recently, was living in a cage at the SPCA in Stratham. She got two walks and two meals every day, but was sad and confused about why her family had left her in this strange place. The answer was that her family couldn’t afford her anymore, but dogs don’t understand that. 

Thanks to the work that the NH SPCA does, Smee is now in a new home, living the high-life. In many other shelters across the country her advanced age would have put her at the top of the kill-list because senior dogs are so hard to place. Lucky for Smee, the NH SPCA has no kill list. Dogs like her can stay as long as they need to in order to find their new forever home. Thanks to them, Smee is now happy and loved again and will live out the rest of her days that way. 

My rescue dog Bo and I will be walking in the 20th annual Paws Walk in Stratham Hill Park this June to help raise money for the NH SPCA and to support all of the wonderful things that they do for animals like Smee. We are just $165 shy of our $500 fundraising goal and would greatly appreciate any little amount that you can spare to help us reach that goal. 

6 May 2012 ·

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